1) I used Calabria Property Services on a recent visit and was very impressed with the professionalism from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble. I did not get fixed up on this occasion but already have planned a return trip and am looking forward to using them again. Cynthia & Ted

2) Having never been to Italy before I was a bit sceptical about the whole process especially with not speaking the language but after a very short time I realised I was in very good hands. With all their local knowledge and expertise the whole process went without a hitch. They even sorted out some renovation mods that i wanted doing. Sorted out my airport transfer and the legal side of things as well, Fantastic or what? I strongly recommend them. Hazel & Dave

3) My wife and I discovered Calabria Property Services earlier this year and visited Calabria in April. Within 3 days Yvonne had shown us several properties and we had agreed to buy our retreat in the mountains.
We speak no Italian at the moment and have had to rely on Yvonne and her team. They have helped us arrange all the services that we have requested hotel, Bank account, surveyor, solicitor, English translator. We completed the final transaction in September and they are now helping to arrange our programmed update of our property. They are a helpful, professional and extremely friendly team of people who I have no hesitation in recommending. Pete Phillips

4) We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have made contact with Yvonne & Vince of Calabria Property Services.
Having identified which part of Italy we wanted to live, The type of house, the price & location etc. We went out to view the properties which Yvonne had sent us details of. We were able to view about 12 older houses over a two day period which fitted our criteria, we even saw one or two houses that had not even been listed.
The Italian estate agents are thin on the ground and often a property is sold without any publicity that’s, why its so important to have local knowledge. We speak no Italian at the moment but having spent just one week in our new home we have made quite a few friends and it is already starting to feel like home. We have purchased an older house which requires only a small amount of renovation, having been guided through every aspect of the purchase & moving by, Calabria Property Services.
Although we are back in the UK now we have no hesitation in leaving our home in Italy in their care. Yvonne is transferring all the utilities to our name. Our first council tax bill for 2010 is 93 Euro. Vince is currently getting planning application sorted (the last time he did this it took three weeks. Does this happen in UK?) for a balcony which will transform this property.
I would without hesitation recommend Calabria Property Services to anyone who wants to live in the wonderful area.

C & L Clapham

5) This spring (2013) we decided to try and find us a holiday home in Calabria. As seasoned Italian travelers, Calabria was still unknown to us.
With the extremely professional and all-round services from Yvonne, we did not only have our dream home in less than 2 months.  We also had it partially renovated, ready for the family’s first holiday, by Yvonne’s very skilled team of craftsmen led by Alessandro
As we are resident in Sweden, we have relied completely on the services from Yvonne, and they have never failed. Renovation decisions, money transfer, banking, bills and local authority contacts has run smoothly, and we’ve  all the time felt safe and secure.

In summary, we whole-heartedly recommend Calabria Property Services to anyone considering a second home or a longer holiday in Calabria.

Lennart & Thelma

6)  We have engaged Calabria Property Services to manage our property in Calabria, this includes legal, municipal, utilities and maintenance. As well as the day-to-day running of our holiday home, including lettings, Calabria Property Services have carried out some major improvements on our behalf. These include installation of a wood pellet-burning stove, new shower screen, brick barbecue, re-locating satellite dish, and complete interior decoration. We cannot commend highly enough the way all of this work has been carried out by Alessandro and his team, ably managed by Yvonne, everything has been done to the highest standard and very professionally. We would recommend them to anyone who needs property management services in Calabria.

Barry Johnson & Jayne Rowland-Johnson

7) We would like to say a big thank you for arranging the work on our kitchen in our home in Torremezzo.
From start to finish you led us and helped us to achieve the perfect kitchen.
You sent photos at each stage of the work which kept us informed of progress.
When we came on our next visit the kitchen was completed and was much better than the photos.
We expected to be cleaning for the first few days but all the hard work had been done.
As always Yvonne and her team have helped us with our home in Italy and we send you a huge Thank you.
Love kay and willis

8) Possediamo la nostra proprietà a Torremezzo (cs) da circa 8 anni. Durante questo periodo abbiamo messo la nostra fiducia in Yvonne per affrontare tutte le nostre finanze per quanto riguarda il nostro appartamento, che ha fatto in modo professionale e ci ha tenuti ben informati su eventuali cambiamenti. Yvonne mantiene anche le chiavi per il quale siamo grati perche` molte volte abbiamo lasciato e dimenticato di spegnere la nostra elettricita` / acqua. Organizza anche la pulizia del nostro appartamento prima di arrivare in vacanza e se richiesto, compra anche pane e latte fresco.
Durante gli ultimi due anni, Yvonne è stata la nostra Project Manager – abbiamo effettuato diversi lavori di miglioramento come il bagno e l’ingresso principale. Abbiamo discusso le nostre idee con Yvonne e il costruttore Alessandro e fatto affidamento su di loro per selezionare / acquistare tutti i materiali necessari per ogni posto di lavoro
Yvonne, in collaborazione con Alessandro, ci ha tenuti ben informati via email, con foto di ciascuna fase svolta.
Molte grazie a Calabria Property Services per tutto il loro aiuto e consigli e professionalita`.

We have owned our property in Torremezzo for approx 8 years. During this time we have relied on Yvonne to deal with all our finances regarding our apartment, which she has done in a professional manner and kept us well informed of any changes. Yvonne is our key holder for which we are most grateful as many times we have left or forgotten to turn our electric/water off. She also organises the cleaning of our apartment before we arrive on holiday and if requested will leave fresh bread and milk for us.
During the last couple of years Yvonne has been our Project Manager - we have had a new bathroom installed and a very smart brown aluminium front door and picture frame window.
Throughout these projects Yvonne has kept us well informed of all the work carried out, emailing us pictures of each different stage - communicating well with the builder, Alessandro, on our behalf. We discussed our ideas with Yvonne and relied on her to select/purchase all the materials needed for each job and now we have a clean modern bathroom and a much improved look to the main entrance to our property.
Many thanks to Calabria Property Services for all their help and advice.
Steve & Karen

9)Dear Yvonne
We would like to say how pleased we are with the superb service you have provided and the sound and sensible advice you have given throughout as far as our recent purchase of a lamezia property is concerned.
It has been a pleasure to deal with you from start to finish and nothing has been too much trouble for you although we feel we have leaned heavily on you with not speaking Italian and not renting a car!
I felt I could trust you implicitly from the very beginning and we consider you a dear friend after all you have done for us!
We are looking forward to moving into Casa di Rao soon and know we can trust you to provide a good management service for us as well.

Cara Yvonne
Vorremmo dire quanto siamo soddisfatti per il servizio eccellente che ci hai fornito e i buoni consigli che ci hai dato per quanto riguarda il nostro recente acquisto di un immobile a Lamezia.
E 'stato un piacere trattare con te dall'inizio alla fine e nulla è stato troppo disturbo per te, anche se ci sentiamo che ci siamo appoggiati pesantemente su di te, siccome non parliamo italiano e non abbiamo noleggiato una macchina!
Sentivo che potevo fidarmi di te implicitamente fin dall'inizio e ti considero una cara amica, dopo tutto quello che hai fatto per noi!
Non vediamo l'ora di trasferirci in “Casa di Rao” presto e sappiamo che possiamo fidarci anche per un buon servizio di gestione.

10) We bought our property in Torremezzo, Calabria, through Calabria Property Services / Yvonne Menonte.

Yvonne provided a great service helping us through the purchase process: codice fiscale, engineers survey, notary, insurance, etc., which made the purchase very easy.

Better still, she was able to advise and provide ongoing services (payment of electricity, water, refuse etc), plus building and maintenance services to make the alterations we desired; new kitchen, shelving, installation of air conditioning units and the house has been completely repainted with repairs to the rendering and balcony. Also gardening services.

All in all we are very pleased with the services received from Calabria Property Services and their team of reliable collaborators and would highly recommend them to any one planning to buy in this part of Calabria.

PS. We love our new life/ retirement in Calabria.

Geoffrey & Maeve O'Sullivan (Ireland)

Abbiamo comprato la nostra casa a Torremezzo (cs), Calabria, da Calabria Property Services di Yvonne Menonte.

Yvonne ci e’ stato di grande aiuto durante tutto il processo di acquisto: Codice fiscale, sondaggio ingegneri, notaio, assicurazioni, ecc, che ha reso l'acquisto molto facile.

Meglio ancora, era in grado di consigliare e fornire servizi continuativi (il pagamento di energia elettrica, acqua, rifiuti, ecc), oltre a servizi di riparazioni e manutenzione, ci ha aiutato ad effettuare tutte le modifiche che volevamo; nuova cucina, impianti di climatizzazione e la casa è stata completamente ripitturata con le riparazioni al intonico e balcone. Anche servizi di giardinaggio.

Tutto sommato siamo molto soddisfatti dei servizi ricevuti da Calabria Property Services e la loro squadra di collaboratori affidabili e consigliamo di rivolgersi a questa agenzia a chiunque abbia intenzione di acquistare in questa parte della Calabria.

PS. Amiamo la nostra nuova vita in Calabria.
Geoffrey & Maeve O'Sullivan (Ireland)

11) Nigel & Ania
We were very lucky to have found Yvonne at Calabria Property Services.
From the surprise viewing... "there's one other place I'd like to show you" .... to the trip to Amantea for completion on that house at the lawyers' office in Dec. 2017, the whole process was not only handled in a very helpful, efficient and professional way, but with the sort of informed advice and friendly personal service that is rare nowadays!
Calabria Property Services takes care of all the formalities - from the transfer of ownership as well as the utilities and payments of bills, so you really have peace of mind and feel confident in the services.
With some renovation work needed to be done in our absence, Yvonne managed the whole project. She consulted with Alessandro, the builder, on the work needed and provided detailed information throughout. All the formalities and paperwork were organised for us, we got regular updates and photos and were advised throughout the work.
Alessandro's building work on the house is excellent and he's done a fantastic job with waterproofing and re-rendering of the exterior, terrace tiling and renovation of the balcony, and the plumbing. He is very helpful, and on more than one occasion we had to ask Yvonne to call him out to fix the plumbing, before it was renewed, in an emergency. They are a great team!
We thoroughly recommend Calabria Property Services and Yvonne's team as someone you can really depend on. Customer care at its best!
Thank you, Yvonne. Nigel and Ania
Siamo stati molto fortunati ad aver trovato Yvonne in Calabria Property Services.
Dalla visione a sorpresa ... "c'è un altro posto che mi piacerebbe mostrarti" .... per il viaggio ad Amantea per il completamento della casa nell'ufficio degli avvocati nel dicembre 2017, l'intero processo non solo e` stato gestito in modo molto efficiente e professionale, ma anche con consigli informati e un servizio amichevole e personale, che è raro al giorno d'oggi!
Calabria Property Services si prende cura di tutte le formalità - dal trasferimento della proprietà, nonché le utenze e pagamenti delle bollette, in modo da essere davvero tranquilli e sentirsi sicuri nei servizi.
Yvonne ha gestito l'intero progetto di alcuni lavori di ristrutturazione da fare in nostra assenza. Ha consultato con Alessandro (il costruttore) sul lavoro necessario e ha fornito informazioni dettagliate in tutto. Tutte le formalità e le pratiche burocratiche sono state organizzate da lei, abbiamo ricevuto aggiornamenti e foto frequentemente e siamo stati informati durante tutto il lavoro.
Il lavoro di costruzione di Alessandro sulla casa è eccellente e ha fatto un lavoro fantastico con l'impermeabilizzazione e la ristrutturazione degli esterni, la piastrellatura dei terrazzi e la ristrutturazione del balcone e l'impianto idraulico. Lui è molto disponibile e in più di un'occasione abbiamo dovuto chiedere a Yvonne di chiamarlo in un caso di emergenza, per riparare l'impianto idraulico, prima che venisse rinnovato,.
Sono una grande squadra!
Consideriamo Calabria Property Services e il team di Yvonne come qualcuno su cui puoi davvero contare. Il servizio clienti al meglio! Grazie da Nigel e Ania


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