Re-styling and Re-designing your Property.

  • Demolition bathroom
  • Re-roofing in progress
  • Work finished
  • Roof Terrace before
  • Roof Terrace with impermeabilisation
  • Roof Terrace finished
  • Leaning wall & gate before
  • Pillars in progress & wall demolition
  • Wall & gate finished
  • Terrace before
  • responsive slider
  • Terrace & wall finished
Demolition bathroom1 Re-roofing in progress2 Work finished3 Roof Terrace before4 Roof Terrace with impermeabilisation5 Roof Terrace finished6 Leaning wall & gate before7 Pillars in progress & wall demolition8 Wall & gate finished9 Terrace before10 Terrace in progress11 Terrace & wall finished12
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Whether you have just purchased your property and want to add a personal touch, or if you have had your home for a number of years and want to make a few changes with our experience, our team of professionals and tradespeople we can assist and work with you to design your vision and make them a reality.

Our Geometra & suppliers can provide drawings and autocad designs so that you can see in advance what your ideas will look like and make any changes before work begins. Quotes are obtained by our reliable and trustworthy team and once you are happy work can begin.

 Kitchen and bathroom remodelling may be a requirement and there are many options to choose from and we can offer advice and a design service that will incorporate your ideas to make best use of the available space.

Below are a selection of re-designs that we have carried out together with comments from our satisfied clients.


We cannot Thank You enough for the excellent service regarding our new bathroom. From start to
finish you were invaluable offering us support, help and advice.
We are thrilled with the standard of work and finish provided by Alessandro and his team.
Thanks again Yvonne. We are looking forward to our next project. Kay & Willis
Kay & Willis    
Bathroom Before Starting to Tile Bathroom FInished

Selection of before & After photos
Floor Re-tiling

Impermeabilisation & re-tile terrace.    
Full house re-render    
Bathroom renovation