The Purchase Process.

After an offer has been made and accepted formalising the purchase can begin:

Step 1 – Compromesso
This is the preliminary contract. It is a legally binding document which states the purchase price, details of parties involved, description of the property/land, the completion date and the deposit paid at this stage of the process. It can also include any other relevant legal details.

Once this document has been signed and the deposit has been paid, should the seller back out then double the deposit is paid back to the purchaser, likewise should the purchaser back out the deposit is lost.

Half the fees payable to us will be paid at this stage of the proceedings.

Step 2 – Rogito (Completion)
This is the final stage of the process and carried out in the presence of the Public Notary. The contract, l’atto notarile is signed by both seller and purchaser and the final balance is paid and the title deed is officially transferred. The Notary is bound by law to read out the contract to all parties and it is at this stage the English translation is read out to the purchaser.

The buyer, seller and estate agent are all required to be present at the Notary’s office for the signing of the contract and at this stage as well as the final payment, purchase tax and notary fees are payable.

The Notary is an official of the Italian Government who serves as an independent witness to the signing of the documents. He will also make final checks and searches on the property before any completion takes place.

Final payment of our fee is also due at this stage of the process.

Should you be unable to be present at this stage for any reason we can arrange for Power of Attorney, cost of which can be advised beforehand.

Geometra, notary, survey fees etc, are additional to our fees and are payable directly to the officials concerned.
You will also require an official translation of the title deed into English which is read out to you on completion (Rogito) of the sale – this is usually around 300/400 euros, but can vary depending on the amount of work involved.

You will also be required to sign a simple agreement before we make the first offer on your behalf indicating names of all parties involved, purchase price and details of the property, our fees and the schedule for payment.
The Purchaser shall not be entitled to make any deduction from our fees for any reason or in any circumstances whatsoever.