Electrical Services

Electrical wiring systems in Italy are installed differently than either the UK or Canada /USA, for this reason it is important that for any work relating to electrics it is carried out by a qualified electrician– particularly if the work required needs a Certificato di Conformita` (Certificate of Electrical Conformity)

Services Include

  •  Moving or Adding extra sockets – either inside or outside weather-proof sockets
  •  Installation of light fittings
  •  Moving TV points
  •  Satellite Antenna installations
  •  Full or Partial re-wiring for older properties
  •  CCTV installation


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Air Conditioning

An often seen essential requirement to staying cool in the summer months when the temperatures and the humidity are high.

Many of the modern units also provide heat which will make your property more comfortable in the autumn/winter months.

If you intend to rent your property air conditioning provides added comfort for your guests.

We can offer the services of professional agents to install the units. At regular intervals the units do require maintenance and service to ensure they work correctly and efficiently. The filters become blocked and furred and with the humidity can become mouldy which then, when used, emit spores into the room which can cause coughs and chest infections. They also use more electricity to reach their cooling temperature. The external condenser unit requires service and cleaning and a gas pressure check to ensure efficiency and quite often the plastic tubing to expel the water needs replacing as this becomes brittle and breaks with the high summer temperatures.

Model sizes are selected depending on the area they will be covering.

Prices quoted accordingly.


Service Internal Unit

Before Filter Cleaning 

After Filter Cleaning

Serving The Condenser Unit

Replacing The Tubing

Tubing Replaced



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